Crystalline Academy Gold Access

Crystalline Academy Gold Access

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Crystalline Academy Gold Inclusions

Includes Assigned Client Success Manager:

Access to guided support delivered by Evelena Morillo and her team virtually, or through calendar video appointments, direct calls, emails, and/or SMS/text. 

Student Portal Services & Permissions:

Access which includes direct contact through phone, call, email, text, and calendar appointment to all representatives listed within.

24/7 Support Line:

Access with unlimited 24/7 calls to support.


Access to scheduled mentorship with Jeremy Ray Holst, CEO and/or Cameron Howard, CEO delivered virtually.

Discord Private Server:

Access to the private team server. 

Renewals are easy and effortless, a simple call, text or email and we will have your account back on in minutes. 6 month expiration helps us keep track of active students using the training material needed for mentorship within this program. That way we can make sure we have the time available to assist you with all of your support needs.