What do you need to start?

Our students should have a mobile device, and a laptop or tablet. There are no age requirements to enroll, and some of our students are as young as 13 years old. This program allows you to start with no experience, and little to no money.  If you don't have the funds to join today, ask about our student loan program which allows you to start with $0 out of pocket and no payments for 6 months.

What is e-commerce?

"Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet"

An ecommerce business is just like a normal business but without being limited to working with customers in your local area. You also don't pay rent for leasing a space for your business to operate. With $850,000,000,000 ( 850 Billion ) in ecommerce sales annually in the united states alone. All you'll need is a tiny piece of that pie to change your life forever. 

.00001% of 850 Billion  = 8.5 Million Dollars Annually

U.S. Census Reference Here